Wrap vs Paint

  1. While the cost to Wrap is about the same as Painting, generally the Wrap can be completed in a day whereas Painting will take 4-5 days.
  2. Branding and signage can be applied to the vehicle at the same time as a Wrap. With Painting the paint has to cure for 2 weeks before the signage can be applied (otherwise the signage bonds to the paint) considerably extending the installation time.
  3. At the end of the lease or when the vehicle is to be replaced, it is significantly cheaper to remove the Wrap than it is to Repaint the vehicle for resale purposes.
  1. The Wrap can be completed at a dealers or on your premises in a day whereas Painting requires transporting your vehicle to a specialised workshop where you lose access to it for 4-5 days.
  1. The wrap and signage can be installed in a day and removed in a day, whereas Painting and signage, with the need for the paint to cure, can take approximately 25 days to install and 4 days to remove. When time is money this can be a significant cost.
  1. If a vehicle is available to purchase at the right price but it not available in the correct colour – a wrap allows you to make any colour change required. This can not only save $’s but also substantial waiting for the right coloured vehicle to arrive.
  1. A professionally removed wrap from a vehicle will leave the underlying paint in pristine condition. A full wrap will leave no ghosting.
  2. During its life the wrap will help protect the underlying paint from dirt, scratches and UV damage. So increases the value of your vehicle on resale.